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The leading and oldest company in the plastic and rubber industry in Israel since 1951

Welcome to Wirtheim Ltd.  Marketing and Supply

Wirtheim Ltd. is your leading destination for technical supply in the plastics and rubber industry. As a wholesale and distribution company, we specialize in manufacturing, importing, and marketing various products, including rubber goods, engineering plastics, wheels, and various technical materials.

Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction always takes top priority.

Our Versatile Industry Range

At Wirtheim Ltd., we offer a comprehensive array of solutions tailored to the needs of various industries within the plastics and rubber domain.

From raw materials to manufacturing services, we deliver answers to diverse requirements, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Services and Products

Coating Services

Enhance the performance of your machinery with our carefully selected coating rollers and drums. Our specialized services include precise rubber and polyurethane coating, accompanied by grinding, polishing, and customized grooving according to exact specifications. Whether it’s about improving durability or enhancing functionality, we guarantee optimal efficiency for your equipment.

Surface Treatment Solutions: Our surface treatment solutions adhere to industry standards. Whether it’s polyurethane, rubber, SBR, NBR, Hypalon, silicone, or neoprene coating, we provide unique finishes that meet stringent quality criteria, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Customized Wheels and Rollers

Looking for highly durable wheels and rollers that provide long-term confidence?
We offer a wide variety of versatile options:

Lightweight versions to heavy-duty choices with or without forks

Materials include PVC, polyurethane, silicone, metal, and anti-static versions.

Our products cater ideally to offices, kitchens, manufacturing floors, workshops,
and medical industries.

Semi-Finished Plastic Materials

Our extensive range includes semi-finished plastic materials that guarantee optimal performance over time. From Delrin and UHMWPE to Teflon and Acetal, we offer sheets and rods made from selected materials such as POM-C, POM-H, PA6, PTFE, PET, PEEK, PEI, PE, HDPE, ABS, and PVC.

Collaborative Industries

Printing Industries

Our company provides products across the entire spectrum of the printing industry, including newspapers, stationery, checks, and promotional materials. From blueprints and posters to silk printing and offset printing, we offer a wide range of essential coating materials for all types of printing operations.

Security Industries

Since the establishment of the state, Wirtheim Ltd. has played a significant role in developing and supplying critical materials for security and defense applications in Israel. We serve governmental bodies, security contractors, and the Israeli defense industry. Our offerings include anti-static solutions, specialized packaging for delicate or dispersed components, and the integration of advanced plastic and rubber components into cutting-edge systems.

Knowledge-intensive industries

In the high-tech and mid-tech industries, our solutions go beyond traditional factory definitions. We tailor our offerings to the evolving needs of modern organizations. Additionally, our comprehensive services and professional consulting support start-ups and allow for scalable prototyping and manufacturing processes.

Among Our Clients

Every field and every business uses our products and services...

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